Additional Exterior Services

Pest control doesn’t end when you leave your house. Let Mulholland keep your home’s exterior and your lawn pest-free.

Mosquito prevention spray

Mosquito Spraying

Mosquito bites itch and take the fun out of the outdoors. Bite back with Mulholland Pest Control Inc. We provide a mosquito misting service that targets the breeding and resting areas around your home and yard. Let us customize a program to meet your needs.

Single service applications are also available for outdoor weddings, parties, etc.

Seasonal Power Spray

Prevent stinging insects from nesting in and around your home. We treat your home’s perimeter, all overhangs, peaks, cracks and crevices behind light fixtures, decks, and railings, play set areas, basketball hoops and more.

Protect your shake roofs, from wasps, carpenter ants, Pennsylvania wood roaches, firebrats, and a host of other insects.

When most companies work from the ground only, we get up close and personal to better service your home. All our vehicles carry power treatment equipment and a full complement of ladders to properly treat your home.
For an additional charge, we can protect your cedar siding from carpenter bees by dusting existing holes.

Springtime window washing should be done after your seasonal treatment.

Seasonal bee and wasp prevention spray
mole, chipmunk trapping

Mole Control

Moles dig feeding tunnels just below the surface of your yard leaving unsightly trails and dirt mounds in your lawn. We use traps placed in the feeding tunnels and make several trips to remove moles until there is no additional digging taking place.

This is by far the best method to regain control of your yard from this pesky little critter.

Summer Vegetation Control

Control weeds all summer long with one application. Great for patios, pavers, gravel areas, play mulch, and more.
wildlife and nuisance animal trapping
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