Selecting a Reputable Pest Control Company

Taking the time to research a pest control company often takes a back seat to getting a faster solution. But knowing you can trust your pest control professional is important. Especially when you consider that you will be letting this person into your home!

Vetting a potential company doesn’t need to be daunting. A few simple checks can help you know the person you hire is a qualified pest control professional.

5 Key Areas to consider when selecting a pest control company

Do technicians have current licenses? In Ohio, pest control professionals must renew their license a minimum of every three years. They also must complete at least five hours of continued training to qualify for renewal. This means that licensed pest professionals in Ohio are constantly learning. Make sure the company you hire has current licenses for each technician.

How long has the company been in business? Pest control isn’t one size fits all. Differences in habitat, environment, and even building materials means that your solution will need to be customized.
Have the technicians been with the company long, or is there rapid turnover? A company can’t keep their technicians isn’t a company you want on your property. Rapid turnover means a company may not properly vet employees, or they don’t value them. This could mean that profit, not customer service, will be the company’s priority.

Ask for recommendations from family, friends, or neighbors.
Be cautious using advertising for information about the company’s reputation, and consult multiple outlets for online reviews since these are easily manipulated.

Customer Service
Does the company offer free estimates and a guarantee?
The technician should be clear about the problem, the treatment, the cost, and explain the terms of the guarantee before work begins. If the technician can’t answer your questions to your satisfaction, then don’t let them begin work.

Is the company fully insured?
Accidents can and do happen. Don’t allow an uninsured contractor to perform services on your property.
Also ask about chemical safety and safe exposure levels. Your pest control professional will know how to keep pets, children, and you safe. Make sure you get clear, specific answers from the person doing the treatment.

Just by asking a few simple questions, you can be assured the company you hire employs true pest control professionals who will provide safe, effective solutions and treat your home with respect.

Want to know more about the certified pest control experts at Mulholland? Give us a call. We’re ready to help.

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Spring Insect Pests to Watch For

Carpenter ants are the most common destructive pest in North East Ohio. These small creatures are responsible for millions of dollars in damage every year. Fortunately, they can be treated once they are detected.
These large black ants are usually discovered by the sawdust-like shavings they leave behind. Carpenter ants don’t eat the wood. They tunnel through it, and those shavings must go somewhere. If you spot sawdust near a hole anywhere around your house, it’s a good indication there are carpenter ants. If you see sawdust around the base of a tree around your property, have it treated as well since carpenter ants can quickly spread into your house.

Pavement ants are frequently found in kitchens and any areas where food is present. This includes garbage and compost areas inside and outside your home. While pavement ants aren’t as destructive as carpenter ants, they are a nuisance because they contaminate food and food-prep surfaces. Keeping a clean kitchen will not eliminate these pests. It’s impossible to keep every crumb and drop of water out of the space.

While pollinators are important, allowing stinging insects to nest in close proximity to people can be dangerous. Under decks, children’s play equipment, and flower beds are prime places to consider preventative treatment. If a nest does appear, we can safely remove it, keeping your family safe.

The recluse and black widow are the two spiders in Northeast Ohio that are considered dangerous to humans. Most spiders prefer basements and other sheltered places. They also prefer areas that have insect activity. If you see many spiders in your home, it may indicate another pest problem.

Rodents are a year-round nuisance. These pests contaminate surfaces, gnaw through food containers, and ruin your furniture and finishes. They also destroy your home from the inside, by tunneling through insulation and cause fire hazards by chewing through wiring. They also carry disease and leave their droppings everywhere they go. Electronic deterrents are not effective at controlling these pests. Your pest control expert can help with a comprehensive program that includes prevention and remediation to control these rodents inside and out.

Don’t wait to treat spring insect pests

If you have seen signs of any of these pests, call right away. Pest problems are more easily treated when they are small. Don’t let a pest problem become established in your home. Call Mulholland Pest Control for a free quote. We can get you started on your journey to a pest-free home today!

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