Seasonal Power Spray , Mole Control, Wildlife Trapping and More Pest Control

Seasonal Power Spray

This service is to prevent the nesting of stinging insects in and around your home. We treat your home perimeter, all overhangs, peaks, cracks and crevices behind light fixtures, decks and railings, play set areas, basketball hoops and more...
Carpenter Bees are also discouraged to drill holes in your cedar siding with this treatment and we can dust existing holes caused by this persistent insect with a small additional charge.
Spring time window washing should be done after your seasonal treatment.

All our vehicles carry power treatment equipment and a full complement of ladders to properly treat your home. When most companies work from the ground only, we get up close and personal to better service your home.
Shake roofs are prone to wasps, carpenter ants, Pennsylvania wood roaches, firebrats and a host of other insects that will enter your home


Mole Control

In this area of the country we mostly deal with the star nosed mole. They dig feeding tunnels just below the surface of your yard also deeper tunnels that lead to their nest. They like wet environments usually along the edges of your property.
The dirt removed from these tunnels is pushed out onto your lawn making unsightly mounds. One mole can move lots of dirt. They are voracious feeders. Mostly eating earth worms. We use traps placed in the feeding tunnels and make several trips to remove moles until there is no additional digging taking place. This is by far the best method to regain control of your yard from this pesky little critter.




Wildlife Trapping

We provide our own service for all rodent trapping and have an additional service available for complete wildlife control for raccoons, skunks, possums, ground hogs and coyote removal if need be.


                                                                                         Insect Identification


We provide a free insect identification and treatment procedure for all insects. Simply drop off several specimens in a crush proof container and we will contact you within 24 hours.